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Solmaze is an exciting, interactive NFT experience built around a passionate community. We encourage you to join our Discord for an experience that is sure to delight. Early supporters will be rewarded.


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What is

SolMaze is a collection of 222 unique alien-like species, categorized by levels of rarity and generated in 4K resolution with hundreds of high-quality, detailed elements powered by AI technology.

Stored as solana tokens, they will live on the Solana blockchain, as they make their way into the Metaverse with their rightful owners.

PRE-SALE : 9th MARCH 2022PUBLIC-SALE : 10th MARCH 2022

Our Roadmap

Phase 1- Art

In ultra-high 4k resolution, all 999 solMaze NFTs will be of the highest quality our award-winning artists are used to delivering. Our goal is to deliver the most bespoke and aesthetically pleasing design in the NFT world. With over 200+ different traits, each NFT is also guaranteed to be excitingly unique from all others.

Phase 2 - Merchandise

Not a single corner was cut in the making of SolMaze, and we continue this through the extension of physical merchandise for our community. There will be multiple drops of high-quality SolMaze merch, plushies and clothing only accessible to holders who want to represent the project IRL with pride.

Phase 3 - DAO

These species evolve through interaction and mutation. For that reason, they use a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to make decisions crucial to the development of SolMaze. Each SolMaze species' vote is equally important to the growth and evolution of the colony.

Phase 4 - Metaverse Zoo

These aren't designed just a 2D model, but are living, breathing AI species which will be part of a zoo in the Metaverse. Each NFT holder will receive a digital 3D model of the species a few weeks after the launch post sell-out. These model can be used to enter many of the existing NFT metaverses, or even be 3D printed. Furthermore, holders will enjoy full intellectual property rights to their NFTs to use or remix them in any way they want.

We will also be adding several other collections and making a zoo of our own.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the official launch?

    The official date of our mint is March 10th at 12 AM UTC.
    The Pre-sale is on 9th March at 12 AM UTC.
  • What's the supply?

    There will be 222 NFTs in the collection
  • What's the mint price?

    Pre-sale: 1 SOL
    Public-sale: 1.2 SOL
  • What blockchain is it hosted on?

    SolMaze lives on the Solana blockchain.
  • What can i do with my SolMaze NFT?

    Anything you want! We relinquish all rights of each individual NFT to the owner. This includes the 3D model to be used in the Metaverse as well as an entry into the Metaverse Zoo.
  • What's the long term plan?

    We dont  want to just be an art collection. We will create a zoo. launch several other collections and everything will be put back into the brand SOLMAZE.Thus increasing the popularity of solmaze , increasing the value of each and every collection.
  • Why Solana?

    Us creators have been in the nft space as buyers since a long time. We bought in on bayc and sold for a massive profit.
    And we feel Solana NFTS are at a place where ethereum NFTs were 1 year ago. there is a lot of potential in solana
    and value collections like ours have a better scope for us to prosper as a growing collection,launch new ideas and PROVIDE THE MAXIMUM Possible results to our holders.
  • What is the Metaverse?

    The word refers to a shared virtual reality where everything can be bought and sold just like the real world markets, using cryptocurrency. The Solmaze will soon enter the Metaverse and so your chance to be a part of this world is here.
  • How do i enter the whitelist?

    We value people who genuinely engage with our project and help it grow. Becoming one of these people could grant you a whitelist spot to mint our project. The first step is joining our Discord and finding the whitelist requirements channel.


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